Master of Computer Application

Semester I

Subject Code Subject Name
1MCA1 Fundamentals of Computer and Information Technology
1MCA2 Digital Electronics Design
1MCA3 Programming with C
1MCA4 Principles of Management
1MCA5 Discrete Mathematics

Course Curriculum

Semester I
Fundamentals of Computer and Information Technology 00:00:45
Digital Electronics Design 00:00:55
Programming with C 00:00:00
Principles of Management 00:00:00
Discrete Mathematics 00:00:00
Semester II
Computer Architecture FREE 00:00:40
OOPS with C++ 00:00:30
Data Structure & Algorithms using C 00:00:20
Semester III
Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming 00:00:30
RDBMS with Oracle 00:00:45
Programming with VB.Net 00:00:05
Computer Networks 00:00:00
Operating System 00:00:00
Semester IV
Programming with Java 00:00:00
Server Administration (Case Study of Linux and Windows) 00:00:00
Software Engineering 00:00:00
Business& Technical Communication 00:00:00
Enterprise Resource Planning 00:00:00
Data Warehousing and Mining 00:00:00
Theory of Computation 00:00:00
Semester V
Computer Graphics 00:00:00
Advanced .Net Programming 00:00:00
Advanced Java 00:00:00
Elective II -Soft Computing 00:00:00
Elective II -Information Network Security 00:00:00
Elective II -Advanced Database 00:00:00
Elective III -Principles of Compiler Designing 00:00:00
Elective III -Software Project Management & Testing 00:00:00
Elective III -Software Project Management & Testing 00:00:00
Elective III -Multimedia and Virtual Reality PHP Programming 00:00:00
Semester VI
  • 29.00 19.00 per 3 years
  • 3 years
  • Course Badge
  • Course Certificate

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